Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SPL MixDream XP Analog Summing

The MixDreamXP design plan provides for stereo mixdown at the
analog level. This concept offers high-grade analog summing
without panorama and fader controls, in turn allowing an engineer
to retain the entire scope of his computer automation. In
use, the MixDreamXP requires almost no departures from an
engineer‘s usual working mode, so that all his trusted DAW
features and familiar working routines remain available while
the MixDreamXP seamlessly expands his aural mixing palette.
One MixDreamXP can sum up to 16 audio tracks to a stereo
signal, and should the need arise for more than 16 tracks,
several MixDreamXP may be linked together. Owners of a
MixDream, model 2384, can expand this unit with the cost effective
MIxDreamXP at an identical quality level and by the way,
that‘s where the suffix “XP“ comes from (=Expansion).
The MixDreamXP discrete class A technology is based on the
same 60-volt rails (+/- 30V) of the MixDream model 2384.
Newly developed circuitry, based on the most modern analog
components, guarantees an extremely high slew rate, a very
low noise level of -97 dBu and a dynamic range of 125 dB. Thus
the MixDreamXP easily reaches the technical level of the best
analog consoles.

Analog vs. Digital Summing

Nowadays, many are asking whether analog summing is better
than digital summing. But perhaps the real question is whether
digital summing better than analog summing? We at SPL don‘t
know of anyone who says so. We do know that summing with
the MixDreamXP creates an amazing signal depth, precise localization
and a wonderful stereo imaging. Moreover, the addition
of individual instruments results in soft and pleasant transitions.
These are analog summing results that we appreciate from
past decades of the best analog technology. The MixDreamXP
now allows DAW users to exploit this potential with maximum
comfort and uncompromising quality, ensuring that nothing can
stand in the way of the engineer‘s having the best of both analog
and digital worlds.

MixDreamXP Advantages—An Overview

• High-grade analog summing on just 1U rack space for amazing
signal depth, precise localization and a wonderful stereo
• No analog mixing console necessary
• No loss of computer automation
• Lower DAW processor utilization rates
• Latency free monitoring
• Surround capable (from up to 3 MixDream XP units)
• Channel capacity expandable through linked units
• Cost-effective expansion for the MixDream model 2384

Connection of Sampler, Keyboards etc.

Along with DAW audio tracks and effects machines or processors
in the insert loops, samplers, keyboards and expanders
may also be connected directly to the MixDreamXP. Then the
Midi tracks need only be added in the DAW project, the outputs
(for example, from a keyboard) are then routed directly to the

download manual (pdf)

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