Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to create Category on Blogspot

Here I will give a tutorial how to create a "Category" on blogspot. Articles that we make sure we need to classify it? This is done so that the visitors on our blog is not difficult to find the desired article.


* Create Category / Label

Select or check the article to be labeled / categorized. Then in the combo box (which is writing "label action") select "New Label" and then give the name of that label.
Done, easy is not it??

* Delete Categories / Labels
Check the post you wish to remove the label, then click the combo box then click the label under the words "Remove label", done....

* Changing Category / Label
Remove existing label first, then create/change the new label.

Then how do I install / display it on a blog?

1. Click Template -> Page Elements
2. Add page elements and then select Label then set yourself there .. hehehe
must have all already know how..

Good luck ... enjoy ..

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